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What font does Acqua Di Parma use? The logo Acqua Di Parma uses the Alright Sans Medium font.

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Alright Sans Medium font

About fonts:

Designers: Jackson Cavanaugh

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  1. Patrizia Dragonetti
    July 8, 2020

    For type expert and designer Jonathan Hoefler, “the best fonts are those that can speak in different voices, and convey different things.” Hoefler tells me that at Hoefler Co., they aim to evoke a range of feelings by supplying an array of flexible tools, and, as such, their fonts have been adopted by an assortment of brands. But context is everything. “This study’s results would suggest that our bold, sans serif  Gotham  typeface would be the darling of budget stores. But it’s based on the kind of lettering used by luxury brands from Chanel to Acqua di Parma, and it’s become the signature typeface of pre-eminent names from Saks Fifth Avenue to the Royal Opera House. Yet Gotham is also the signature typeface of Coca-Cola.” The idea of an expensive typeface, then, is difficult to pin-point; the same font can be equally effective for the most popular as well as the most exclusive brands in the world.


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