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What font does facebook use? Starting with 2005 Facebook logo has been using a custom font created by designer Joe Kral. The closest font you can get is Klavika Bold .

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About font:

Created by designer Eric Olson in 2004. Klavika is a flexible family of sans serifs for editorial and identity design.

Free alternative fonts for google logo:

The closest free font you can get is Exo ExtraBold Font or Absolut Pro Bold reduced Font

download free fonts for facebook logo

Exo ExtraBold FontAbsolut Pro Bold reduced Font

About free font:

Font by Natanael Gama. (Exo ExtraBold Font)
Font by Ingo Zimmermann. (Absolut Pro Bold reduced Font)

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  1. Olivia
    June 5, 2021

    Beautifully described. Loved this article!!

    Facebook has continuously improved itself as like its logo!!

    Thanks for this one!! 🙂


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